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julioJulio Morales Zaldivar, born in Ciudad Real in 1964 and a graduate in English Philology at Universidad Complutense in Madrid, returned to Ciudad Real. after a period in Madrid of teaching in different private academies and schools and work as a public relations assistant in the restaurant and catering industry. During this time he was also a rugby player in División de Honor. On his return to Ciudad Real he set up Liffey School of English, a pioneering private language academy which has been a reference in its field. Since then, he has played the role of educator and mentor, establishing the communicative approach and innovation as pillars of his teaching programmes.

After 23 years of experience, he decided to bring about a transformation, not only in relation to the language learning process, but also in the way we educate. After deep analysis and research, he decided to join in with the changes that have been taking place in XXI century, together with ELAINE GALLAGHER, a prestigious international expert on bilingual education.

He designed an ambitious and revolutionary transformation plan aimed at changing the traditional way of learning a second language, moving towards an approach based on the personal knowledge of the student and the resources, with the constant support of new technologies. He has called that AULAS DE IDIOMAS PARA EL SIGLO XXI / WORLD-CLASS EDUCATION, which is the approach he is currently working on now, having decided to tell his story.

Julio states his love for Ireland, after uninterrupted visits to that island for diverse reasonsstudy, work or pleasure- since he was 11. Since 1999 he owns and he is the life and soul of an Irish pub in Ciudad Real, Deicy Reillys.A great supporter of Atletico de Madrid and family man. He is married to Almudena and he has two daughters, Patricia and Almudena. He would sum himself up as a decent man.

Julio Morales Coach and Team Leader